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On Not Taking Up Space: Attending QPOC Parties As A White Gay Man

Being white in these spaces means recognizing that you exist in these spaces, as in all other spaces, from a point of privilege and further recognizing that you are so often accustomed to acting certain ways in other spaces because of the privilege your whiteness grants you. In recognizing the ways in which you are accustomed to take up space, you need to critically analyze yourself in these party spaces and constantly be aware of how you are acting–it is your job to ensure you are acting respectfully and no one else’s.

Oprah Is A Queen, Not A President

An appreciation for pop culture’s female figures is for many gay men, then, definitive of how we come to understand ourselves and our own identities. These pop queens represent to any young gay boy the victory of the non-masculine, of the feminine, of the beautiful and glamorous, over the burdensome and toxic weights of masculinity we fight to overcome. It comes as no surprise, then, that with the speculative rise of one of our very own queens to the highest political office in the United States comes a great deal of excitement.

On Dating Apps and Community Building

Dating apps — and so-called hook up apps — certainly have their problems, problems that can be critiqued from multiple angles, but perhaps dating apps also provide us with a new way of embracing something we all desperately need and crave: community. When it comes to those of us who have a more marginalized social identity (be it sexual orientation, gender identity, or anything else) who might not so easily enjoy the comfortability of existing and interacting with new people in typical in-person social situations, these apps can provide us with real community building opportunities.